Our Story

Two guys following the same journey, same path – passion for music.


Let me introduce myself. My name is Adam and I am Harbor Gents’ lead. 

Now I will share with you how it all began.



When I was just starting working and had a position of a music teacher, I noticed one student, who was quite enthusiastic in playing drums.

Together with his classmates, who just wanted to have fun while playing together, we played various popular songs, me being in charge, leading and curating the newly-formed school cover-band.

After some time of playing  cover songs together I understood that with my and drummer’s energy and passion for music combined, we could form something unique and transform ourselves into a standalone band playing our own music.


 This is exactly what we did.

And this is how Harbor Gents were born.


We’ve never stopped experimenting.

During a search for our own style, we have already released two experimental albums: “Thoughts Of A True Romantic” and “Dimensions”.

We finally could define, who we are: alternative & indie rock, electro-rock and synth-rock band.


Now, the journey continues and we are working on our next chapter in our music life.

Now we are ready to share our passion with the world.

Harbor Gents


lead vocals
keys / guitar / bass